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Unintentional apophasis is rather to bring up a subject which is best left alone, such as Donald Trump talking about the size of his hands.

A man is accused by his neighbour of returning a borrowed kettle in a damaged condition and answers:. Although statements and concepts involving them explicitly and implicitly which are not self-refuting ideas do indeed exist, absolutes and universals generally create these readily due to their nature of allowing no exception to be given and thus requiring an escape hatch to get out of any apparent exception.

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The proponents of either descriptive or normative egoism for an example of the latter, see Objectivism propose that they ultimately do what they do in their own self-interest, whether over a short or a long term; or that it is necessary and sufficient for what they do to be morally right or rational if it is ultimately in their own self-interest, whether over a short or a long term.

On this score, Objectivists are notorious for claiming the point that only what they do that is ultimately in their own self-interest, specifically over a short term, is really morally right. This means, for example, that the mere existence of children is technically morally wrong, a prescription which would extinguish humanity if followed though they argue having children is self-interested for people who enjoy them, want to spread their genes, etc. But this is no reverse special plea that only Objectivism is really prey to self-refutation because it self-refutes so egregiously it isn't really in one's individual self interest to be the enemy of the vast majority of the world no matter what Ayn Rand has said.

In fact, even descriptive or psychological egoism really only defines altruism away without saying that it doesn't really exist. Assuming that all human action is either selfish or altruistic, which are given as mutually exclusive qualities, this is also a suppressed correlative.

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The proponents of " presuppositional apologetics " for example, Gordon H. Clark accuse any arguments against the existence of God of committing the Stolen Concept Fallacy on the grounds that any arguments from logic, induction or morality allegedly presuppose the existence of God see the transcendental argument for God.

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This is an incorrect application of the Stolen Concept fallacy, with its question-begging starting premise X could only be sourced in my God; X exists; therefore my God exists. Methods of rebuttal could include showing that logic does not require God — e.

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In all cases, speakers and listeners presuppose the validity of logic and induction by the very enterprise of engaging in argument; correct arguments then use logic and induction to discover whether postulated entity X such as God exists. Fighting pseudoscience isn't free. Jump to: navigation , search. See the main article on this topic: Apophasis. The game of doubting itself presupposes certainty.

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