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About The Authors. Tony Dungy. Lauren Dungy. About The Illustrators. Vanessa Brantley-Newton. Product Details. Resources and Downloads. Guests can enjoy a parade of Sesame Street friends, craft stations and dance parties throughout the afternoon and much more! For more information visit www.

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You plug in your route, and the site will point out what you should do and see along the way. Anastasia May 7 — 12, Straz Center Inspired by the beloved films, the romantic and adventure-filled new musical Anastasia is on a journey to Tampa at last!

This dazzling show will transport you from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the s, as a brave young woman sets out to discover the mystery of her past. The Runaway Egg follows the adventures of a special egg that escapes from an Easter egg hunt. Through unpredictable circumstances, the egg travels on an incredible journey. How will the egg survive its wild adventures? Could God be behind a runaway egg? I could wake as I wish and leisurely work my way out of bed.

Cloning power - to get more done, to not miss anything good or bad that my kids do, to not have to choose between which kid event I make and which one I miss, etc. Self-cleaning house - like an oven, turn it on, leave the house, come home and put it back to work. WOMAN by Tony Dungy A few years back, during a press conference preceding a playoff game, a reporter asked me what I had done Friday afternoon to prepare—presumably for the game.

But Friday afternoons during the season have always been personal time for us as a staff.

So because we finished early on Friday, I went home and cleaned the house. Lauren had been out of town and was due back that evening, so I wanted her to come home to a clean house. This was something I could do to aid her wellbeing, and at that time it was a better gift than taking her out or buying her an expensive piece of jewelry. When I told the reporter how I spent my time, he laughed at what he thought was a joke.

But I was serious. I try to find ways that I can chip in to make our house a sanctuary for Lauren. I learned that from my dad, who would give my mom some space and time to herself by taking us kids out to a park or otherwise keeping us occupied for. This gave Mom a chance to go off and shop or whatever—something just for her. As much as he enjoyed doing things with her, he knew that giving her the gift of time—away from us—was just as important.

But he also made sure there were times that we all did things together as a family, he and my mom included. That was important for two reasons: first, he was making memories with all of us as a family unit, and second, he was modeling his behavior toward my mom in front of us. My brother and I were able to see how to honor and respect a woman. My two sisters were developing a point of reference for qualities they should look for in a husband. They are not men. So how do we do it? Be involved with them—without bringing our own agendas. Again, do everything for the benefit of your loved one.

Without being involved—deeply involved—with Lauren. And the most important way to show that love to your wife is to be involved: as a leader, listener, and encourager. Lead by helping with discipline, setting curfews and ground rules for the television and other technology use. Lead by being in unity with your wife. And listen—not to solve the problems of the day, as so often we will try to do.

Just listen so she knows you care. Be there for her. Loving the woman in your life follows the same principle of the old countryfair raffle rules: must be present to win. Help her out, just like she helped you as a child. Talk to your mom about it and find out which one she would most like to help.

The unique bond between a mother and child is never-ending. They polish and mold us; nurture and scold us. Mothers are a blessing! How can we show such a dynamic and amazing woman how much we care? All Pro Dad wants to share 10 ways to make your mother feel special. She has earned it! Treat her with the utmost dignity and honor. Describe to her the reasons why you feel she is special.

Thank her for being such a wonderful person and parent. It will mean the world to her. Dig deep in those old photo boxes and albums. Get creative and make it fun. Moms love taking a trip down memory lane. Projects And Chores: Your mom always has something that needs to be done—a shelving unit to be constructed; a leaky roof that needs to be repaired; grass that needs cutting.

Just like when you. Moms love to be bragged on. Make a point to give your mom credit for the person you have become. Honor her among her friends and peers with your kind words of praise. Make sure she knows you and your family still need her. Include her in your life, and always make her feel welcome. Blood runs thicker than water as they say. Never forget where you came from. Well, maybe not, but if you want to make her feel really special, give her flowers for no reason at all. The simple things in life mean the most.

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Make sure you put those good manners into practice when you are with her and even. We deliver them to St. Petersburg, FL or nationwide. We all know that eating out often can add up! Here are some great places in the Tampa Bay area that are family friendly and are offering some great specials. Not valid Limited to one Discount, promotion or coupon. Valid at Pinellas Park and St.

Petersburg PDQ only. Are you looking for a sweet treat to make this Spring? Look no further because this simple recipe is sweet and fun. These whimsical chocolate bowls can hold ice cream, berries and cream, pudding, candies, anything that you or your sweet heart desires! Blow up balloons with air to desired bowl size and tie to close. Break chocolate into small pieces and place in a shallow microwave-safe dish; microwave for 1 to 2 minutes, stirring occasionally until melted; let cool for 5 minutes. Spray bottom half of each balloon lightly with cooking spray. Spoon about 1 tablespoon chocolate onto a wax paper-lined baking sheet; dip a balloon into the chocolate to thoroughly cover the bottom half, and then center the balloon in the chocolate on the tray; repeat with remaining balloons.

Place bowls in the refrigerator for minutes, until hardened. Prepare pudding according to package directions. Remove bowls from refrigerator; carefully pop each balloon and peel it out of the bowls. We are always looking for easy appetizers to throw together for an impromptu gathering at our house and here is a simple one that is sure to be a hit at your next Summer gathering.

These simple sandwiches can be made in just a few short minutes and your family and guests will love nibbling on these delicious bite sized treats. Both crafts are extremely simple to make, and yet they each make a great presentation. Tempera paints are a good choice. Directions: 1. Avoid working on a carpeted or hardwood surface due to the messy nature of this project. Have some fun with this step! Repeat with other foot. Repeat process with other children.

Paint the body of each butterfly. Frame art and give to mom! Tip: When done, you may want to take a picture of the artwork and upload it to your computer. Then not only is it forever saved, but you can use it to print copies, make photo gifts or use it in a photo book. Print out template onto white paper, cut out pattern and then trace onto card stock.

Cut out card pattern, score flaps and then fold. You can decorate with embossing stamp or use your own personal design. Glue invitation or photo onto the inside of the card. Glue button onto the center of the top of the card. You can also buy premade tassels from most craft stores. You may even want to match the school colors instead of using black. Arrange bread slices on a serving platter and spread about 1 tablespoon cream cheese on each. Sprinkle with pepper and parsley. We Never Overcharge! We Guarantee the Job will be Done Right.

Any automobile accident that results in injury is difficult to endure if you are the injured person. You might lose time from work, have to endure pain, need to go to multiple doctor appointments, and incur medical expenses. Generally, the injured person must prove that it is reasonably likely that the car crash caused the medical bills, lost wages, etc. Similar to this, in a case with a drunk driver, a judge might divide the compensation part of the trial into two trials: one trial to decide the amount of compensatory damages medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.

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One factor that can change a personal injury case significantly is when the at-fault driver is intoxicated at the time of the accident. When a drunk driver causes an automobile accident, the law permits the injured person to ask for an additional type of damages called punitive damages. Punitive damages are intended to punish a person for engaging in some sort of activity that the law wants to punish. It is hoped that this punishment will reduce the activity that is being punished.

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Dixon, 42 Fla. Weekly Db January 4, In the Dixon case, Mr. Dixon was injured in an automobile accident, and it was determined that the at-fault driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. The at-fault driver did not have any bodily injury coverage. Fortunately, the injured person had uninsured motorist coverage through GEICO and so he made an uninsured motorist claim to compensate him for his injuries.

Trials are sometimes divided into various parts as directed by the judge. For example, a if it is unclear who is at fault in an accident, a judge might order that a trial first take place that only considers who is at fault for the. The at-fault driver admitted that he was intoxicated and that he was at fault for the accident. GEICO asked that the court divide the damages phase of the trial into two parts: first, the compensatory damages phase medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.

Alcebo the at-fault driver as a punishment to him and as a deterrent to others because he was driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Accordingly, the appellate court concluded that there should be no mention of. Drunk drivers can add many subtle complexities to a personal injury claim, so please speak with an experienced trial attorney to discuss your options. Reynolds hails from St. He lives in Pinellas with his wife and three boys, all of whom attend Keswick Christian School. Reynolds also has parents living in Pinellas County and a sister who recently returned from overseas as a Christian missionary.

Skate rental not included. Good at all 3 facilities. Call it what you want: fate, karma, luck. It was Destiny. I arrived at the office early, anticipation getting the better of me. The birth mom will be here in less than an hour. After being released from prison, Melanie struggled to find a job. What she ended up finding was a good man. The women at Destiny Adoption have been prepping me all week and my excitement has been elevated by several cups of coffee.

The hour passes and the birth mom arrives. After telling the father, who wanted to keep the baby, he was arrested, leaving Melanie to make a life-changing decision on her own. Melanie is energetic and warm. My nerves relax immediately. I suggest the beginning and instantly become emotionally invested in her story. Not wanting to make things more complicated, Melanie went to the health department. She took a pregnancy test, which came back negative, and they gave her a birth control shot. And I just knew. She describes her initial.

She chose adoption. Hours were spent researching adoption, but most results were tailored toward adoptive families. Then Melanie found Destiny Adoption. That greatly effected her decision to set up an appointment, she says. Melanie recalls being surprised when Destiny asked what she was looking for in an adoptive family.

She reviewed the books, flipping the pages and staring at the pictures. Melanie says some potential adoptive parents even wrote her letters. At Holy Family, we provide your child with a strong academic foundation in a safe, faith-filled environment. Please call for more information or to schedule a tour! Or eMail us at: jdesrosiers holyfamilycatholicschool. She talks about the future.

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But the immediate connection was almost eclipsed by another desire; her desire to give the child what she believed was the greatest gift of all: financial success. She explains how she ignored her heart when she chose an excessively wealthy family. But as fate would have it, another birth mom matched with the same family. In my heart, I liked the other family better because of their values, stability and long-term relationship.

She has a degree in mass communication from UNC Asheville. Avery is a content creator by day and a reader by night. Evan is a little happy giggler, especially when his buddy Elmo is around. Known to be affectionate and a lover of attention, the only things that make Evan laugh and smile more than Elmo are hugs and kisses. Evan, although non-verbal and non-mobile, enjoys when people interact with him, but he also happily entertains himself with soft toys or musical play things.

Evan will need a family that will care for his daily needs and help him engage in the world on his own terms. Destiny Adoption Services and Consulting, Inc is a private not-for-profit adoption organization that provides adoption services to birth parents who are considering placing their child for adoption and to prospective adoptive parents who wish to grow their family. PPA is a high performing, tuition free, public charter school for highly motivated students in grades K Our highly trained, award winning teachers offer a private school education in a family atmosphere. Our team offers the best in support services for the adoptive family and the birth parent, including counseling services and assistance connecting the right child with the right family in both private and dependency adoption.

We understand the adoption journey will be one of the most profound moments in your life, and we want to be by your side every step of the way. Elena is sweet and down to earth. On her free time, she likes to draw and go outside. She also loves to cook. Especially empanadas! She loves any kind of Hispanic food!

If Elena could have any pet it would be a husky! She thinks they are elegant dogs. When Elena grows up, she wants to be a Lawyer. Preferably one for the Government. She wants to make a difference in this world. With a loving family, she just might be able to do that! For more information about the Heart Gallery visit www. Sea turtle nesting season extends from May 1st through Oct. Their morning patrols reach the beach just before sunrise 7 days a week. Initially, the teams of nearly volunteers, staff and interns search along the high tide line for evidence of sea turtle nesting activity namely, marks in the sand left by crawling females.

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Once tracks are located, the teams determine whether there is a nest present or if it. The nests are marked and data is collected from each site such as distance from high tide line, distance from beach vegetation, GPS coordinates and other measurements used to help locate the egg chamber. As incubation times range between 50 and 60 days, the CMA team begin to look for hatching activity 45 days after the first nest discovery. Hatching activity is identified by tracks emerging from the nest sites.

They also extend. Due to the dense population of Pinellas County, there are significant issues with artificial lighting causing hatchling disorientation events. To help hatchlings in areas with problem lighting, the workers use restraining cages to keep the hatchlings from wandering off in the wrong direction.

After a nest has hatched the team will wait at least 72 hours then excavate the nest and do an inventory of its contents to determine hatching success. This includes information on false crawls, disorientation events, obstruction events, predation and vandalism. Also included are weekly escarpment surveys, lighting surveys and weather data.

Generally the first nest of the season is found in early to mid May and the females will continue nesting until the middle of August. Turn out unnecessary beach lights to help prevent disorientation of female sea turtles and hatchlings. Close your curtains and be mindful of bright lights shining on the beach. Keep it dark! Sand pits can be like the Grand Canyon and sand castles like Mount Everest to tiny baby sea turtles.

Clear the way! Picking up trash eliminates items that both hatchlings and adults may become entangled in. Something as small as a bottle top or as large as unwanted beach furniture can pose potential problems, leading to both false crawls and disorientation. Keep it clean! Living Wills Simple Wills Complex Wills Power of Attorney Living Trust,