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The Boy Next Door reviewed: a terrible new J-Lo movie that's disturbingly enjoyable

He understands that his safety and his dignity are worth fighting for. Scenes like these are long overdue and are worth cheering. These scenes demonstrate that the filmmakers recognize young people as human beings deserving respect and dignity and compassion. And this makes it all the more frustrating that nearly every other scene in the film insults the young.

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Much of the film's first act is spent explaining all the reasons that this teacher, Claire, would succumb to sleeping with her son's friend. We see Claire's marriage fall apart.

The Boy Next Door Movie

We see her go on a blind date with someone her age who turns out to be a terrible match for her. We see her meet young Noah and finally enjoy thoughtful discussion of literature. We see her ogle his muscular body while he fixes mechanical problems for her. On the DVD's Director's Commentary, Rob Cohen explains why he put so much work into this: "The whole film turns on you believing that this year-old woman would take this year-old kid into her bed.

Strangely then, the film never explains why Noah would want to sleep with Claire. There is no suggestion that this charming hunk is lonely.

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There is no hint of emotional needs he might have that she satisfies. Admittedly, this particular year-old is played by Jennifer Lopez, a very attractive woman.

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But looks alone cannot win this kid's heart — we know that because later in the film Noah beds a student who, we are clearly told, is the most beautiful girl in the entire high school, yet Noah shows no interest in her except as a means to make Claire jealous. So if physical beauty alone isn't enough to interest Noah, why does he sleep with Claire and then obsess over her?

No answer is offered. The filmmakers simply didn't bother to ask this question, or else they assumed audiences wouldn't. Logically, the filmmakers must have known that their film also turns on audiences believing that this year-old kid would take this year-old woman into his bed, but the filmmakers apparently viewed that as a given, like somethings are so superior to high schoolers that, of course, any high school student would jump to have sex with his friend's mom, no questions asked.

So finally, after the long set up, these two encounter each other alone: the woman who has every motive to want this sex, and the high schooler who has no reason to want it.

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And who initiates the sex? That's right: the kid. Indeed, the middle-aged woman resists his advances so clearly that the sex act easily meets the legal definition of rape. The filmmakers, however, don't want us to see this act as a bad thing.

The Boy Next Door Movie Review | Collider

Claire clearly enjoys the experience. And while Noah will do many things later we are meant to see as evil, this isn't one of them. The next morning, Claire is sober and suddenly eager to end things with young Noah. Showing us how noble she is, she even tells him, "I don't want you to think this is your fault. I'm the adult. I'm the one that should have — " But of course it's too late.