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Previous air strikes in October caused serious damage to the station and wounded two employees. The Berne-based International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission created under Protocol 1 of the Geneva Conventions , told Reporters Without Borders last year: "Deliberate attacks against journalists and infrastructure belonging to or used by the press constitute a serious violation of international law.

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Journalists have the right to perform their role in territories where fighting is taking place. You are: Professional. Since he had some experience in construction, he was hired to supervise the logistics of a cholera camp in Niaminthutu, Malawi. From that point on, he drew on the survival instincts he picked up on the streets, delving into his work to forget the pain, never looking back. He made himself indispensable, quickly becoming the frontline logistician for MSF, moving mountains, commanding respect, afraid of nothing or no one, able to build shelters for tens of thousands of refugees in record time.

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Power struggles often occur in the humanitarian sector, and Marc Vachon could never really accept them. They always seem to go hand-in-hand with injustice.

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This has inspired him to deliver a biting and fascinating review of humanitarian aid, or at least the way it is in the present "news-entertainment" era. Vous aimerez aussi. Shunted from one hellish foster home to another, young Montrealer Marc Vachon learned to play fast and dirty in order to survive.

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  • In his memoir, Rebel Without Borders, Vachon tells how he transferred those street smarts from the wrong side of the tracks to the other side of the planet, and he provides a unique perspective on the world of humanitarian aid in the process. As a teen, Vachon found work in construction, but was quickly sidetracked by the easy money to be found in fencing stolen property.

    Family finally arrived in the form of a biker gang that adopted him — and gave him cocaine to sell. Vachon spent nearly two decades working with various agencies to get food and medicine to beleaguered people in Rwanda, Serbia, Iraq, and elsewhere, breaking bureaucratic rules along the way in order to save lives. Rebel Without Borders exposes the reader to the on-the-ground tactical reality of aid missions, and Vachon comes across as intelligent, goodhearted, and likeable.