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In other words, He does not want us to become spotted, contaminated, and tainted by the bad and evil things of this world. And the only way that we can keep ourselves from becoming too spotted and contaminated from this world is not to get too deep and friendly with the ways of this world.

Imagine a fence line running alongside your right side as you continue to walk on the straight and narrow path that God has you set up to walk on. On your side of the fence is the divine path that you are taking for the Lord, along with all of His righteous ways on how we are to act and behave in this life with ourselves and with other people in general.

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On the other side of the fence are the paths taken by those who are either not saved, or the ones who are considered to be very carnal and fleshly type Christians, whose only goals and desires in this life is to get as much out of this life while they still can. Their only goals and ambitions in this life is to try and gain as much of the material and lustful things out of this life as they possibly can before their day in the sun is finally over.

We thus live in a dual type of world. On the one side of the fence is the side of God and the righteous way that He wants us to live this life. Once you become saved and born again by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, you are now in whole different ballgame. You are now on a whole different type of playing field. God the Father perfectly lays it out for each and everyone of us in the way that He has worded the following verse I will now give you. In this verse, God is giving every single one of us a big choice to make in this life.

Here is one whopper, all-or-nothing, black and white, straight-to-the-point verse direct from the mouth of the Lord Himself:. Notice God says absolutely nothing about any type of middle or neutral grounds with this proclamation. Either we choose to follow God and live this life the way that He wants us to live it — or we can choose to follow the ways of this world and eventually bring down death and cursing upon us and possibly those who may be close to us.

Now here are 5 very good verses from the Bible that are giving us this specific revelation in that we are to be in the world, but not of the world. I will first list each one of the verses one right after the other, and then I will point out and highlight several key words and phrases in these verses. Jesus then perfectly wraps it up in the last two verses when He tells us that if we ever get to the point where we have become too friendly with the world and the ways of it, then we will literally become the enemy of God Almighty Himself!

Jesus points out to us that all of the lustful pursuits and things of this life will eventually pass way when we die and cross over. In another verse, Jesus has already told us that what good will it do a man to gain all the wealth of this world as his possessions, but then lose his own soul in the pursuit and acquirement of all of that wealth. It will all have ended up being for naught when everything is all finally said and done.

Though most of us know exactly what the Lord is trying to tell us with the revelation and knowledge that is in these verses, for many Christians in this day and age, this one is a real hard one to try and keep on top of.

In the World – But Not of the World

With the incredible advances in technology and knowledge in the last years, much of the world has become a much better place to live, work, and play in. As a result of all of this incredible advancement in technology and knowledge, we now have many more toys and material possessions that we can all strive to acquire more of.

We can now shoot for bigger and better houses, bigger and better cars, and bigger and better material things for our lives in general. With all of these types of material blessings from our Lord, it becomes very easy for many to get out of balance with all of it. Instead of realizing where all of this abundant type of wealth is really coming from in the first place, and choosing to stay humble and accountable with it in their walks with the Lord, many Christians start to get too caught up in the actual pursuit and desire for this material wealth.

Before they know it, they have placed their pursuit and desire for all of this material wealth before God Himself. The are no longer wanting to serve and follow God. They now only want to serve themselves and what they can still get out of this life. We have a holy mission and calling direct from the Lord Himself on what it is He wants us to accomplish and get done for Him before we depart to be with Him for all of eternity.

Our goal should be to serve God and do what He wants us to do in this life — not to chase after the world and all the material wealth and possessions of this world, which will do nothing but rot and perish the minute we leave and depart from this life. We have to keep all of our priorities straight, and our number one priority should be to want to serve God and accomplish His perfect will for our lives. If we make that our number one goal and aspiration in this life, then God will appropriately reward each one of us once we enter into heaven.

And those heavenly rewards will far surpass and exceed any of the material wealth and possessions that we could have gained down here on this earth.

To Be in the World and Not of It

As Christians, we have to realize that we no longer even belong to ourselves, much less to the world in general. We have been bought back at a severe price at the death of our Lord and Savior, and we now belong to God, and God alone. We now work for God, and God alone. He is letting all of us know, loud and clear, what we can and cannot do in this life. He is letting all of us know where we can tread in this life and where we cannot tread. Boundary lines and a fence line have now been put up by our Lord.

Ninja Tracks - Not Of This World

God is now telling all of us to stay on our side of the fence in our walk with Him. Though there is much in this life that will be very enticing and tempting to want to cross over and experiment with, realize that there are going to be certain things of the flesh that you will not be able to chase after in this life. You cannot be doing drugs, abusing alcohol, and sleeping with whoever you want outside the bounds of holy marriage. You cannot be cheating and scamming others in an effort to try and gain more wealth and riches. Many of our teenagers are battling this cold hard reality in the high schools and colleges they are attending.

But this does not mean you have to cross over into the carnal and fleshly worlds of those who are not walking right with the Lord. You can sit next to someone in school who may be doing drugs and living a wide and carnal type of life.

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You can befriend him. But take heart; I have overcome the world. Philippians No matter how much our families, friends, and coworkers love us, at some point, someone will disappoint us. And despite our best intentions, we are likely to disappoint someone else by saying one thing and doing another. He never contradicts himself or acts in a way that is out of character. He will never disappoint. Great peace have those who love your law; nothing can make them stumble. Psalm You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

All religions other than true Christianity have one thing in common: They try to achieve peace with God by doing works and following rules.

God’s Peace Is Different From The World’s Peace

Christianity is different. By his sacrifice, he bridged the gap that sin inserted between us and God. He took the punishment for our sin and, in exchange, he gives us peace with God. For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility. Ephesians And the effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever. While we experience eternal peace through reconciliation with God in Christ, we also receive the gift of his Holy Spirit.

Because of him, we enjoy the blessing of peace in our daily lives — even when we find ourselves in the midst of turmoil. A university finance professor, she is actively involved in the Christian faculty association on campus. Nivine has participated in and taught many small group studies over the years, and she seeks to help others launch their own small groups. She loves the coast, camping, and a good cup of coffee. Find her at www. I want to speak to Christians who feel defeated.

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