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This piece is inspired by the pulp western fictions and spaghetti western movies about the outlaws and gunfighters. Here we see Boba Fett without his rocket pack, draped in a poncho, much like the old Clint Eastwood movies.

Old Salty Bastards Tavern – Jennie Zell

The scene represents the moment he arrives into "civilization" and understands the scenarios have changed. The shootout begins.

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The stormtrooper fires rapidly with his pistol. In that moment, Boba Fett lunges forward and throws the front of the poncho over his left shoulder while raising his concealed EE-3 blaster to commence with his response.

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Love Imgur? Join our team! Domicile Bastards bitch Natures promise Down on the upside Dog in the woods Brains out Law in his hands As together we share Grace Crimes by night I have ended up with a genre hopping, demented, maniacal and sometimes humorous Bastardpiece. Bastards Bitch. Though not solely composed of love songs, this collection is dedicated to an old, desperate exchange of love and fear that I have since surpassed.

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It is dedicated to former lovers willing to commit and cater to a deeply injured man as best they could while nursing their own traumas. This assembled collection has been a revealing mirror.

Jenny, Melissa, Sarah, one way or another, these are for you. Thank you. It is categorized as rock music and has been released by the artist entirely independent of support from the music industry.

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It serves also as an arresting introduction to this unsung rocker from Baltimore, who comes to the public with this towering artistic accomplishment like a bolt of lightning out of left field. Also like the Velvet Underground, a subtle punk-rock sensibility underlies each track. The exquisite quality of his songwriting is staggering, and consistently so from beginning to end.